The Uber Challenge for Ocarina of Time, created by Manocheese, is known to be one of the most difficult challenges out there. The challange has a set of rules that must be followed at all times. However, some of these rules seem nearly impossible. That's where the challenge incorporates "tricks" (glitches). Many of these are quite difficult to pull off, especially the notorious Cucco Jump.

Challenge RulesEdit

These are the rules that must be adhered to:

-3 hearts, no Heart Pieces whatsoever

-Buy Giant's Knife and break it ASAP, and use that at all times (except in the Graveyard and while fighting Ganon)

-All Medallions

-1 Bottle

-No deaths (death counter at file select must say 000)

-No Iron Boots

-No capacity upgrades

-No Great Fairy gifts except Magic Meter and Din's Fire

-No Gold Skulltula family gifts from 20 or more Gold Skulltulas

-No Goron Bracelet

-No Fire Arrows

-No Lens of Truth

-No Longshot

-No Silver Scale

-No Zora Tunic

-No Gerudo's Card

-No Maps or Compasses

-No Biggoron's Sword

-Cannot use Action Replay, Gameshark, etc.

-Cannot use Crooked Cartridge (touching your game cartridge while playing)

-Cannot use Din's Fire outside the central room of the Water Temple

-Cannot use Megaton Hammer to attack enemies (exception of stunning Volvagia)

-Cannot use Megaton Hammer outside the Fire Temple

-Cannot use Deku Sticks to attack enemies

-Cannot use power crouch stab

-Cannot use bottle except to show Ruto's Letter to King Zora

-Cannot learn any songs except Song of Time, Zelda's Lullaby, and Minuet of Forest

-Must have Shadow Medallion before entering Forest Temple

-Must fight Dark Link


This challenge is nearly impossible unless you consult Manocheese's walkthrough:

Ocarina of Time Uber Challenge Walkthrough